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Kinect Education Group hosts workshops throughout the year. You'll learn new strategies and take tools back to your institution that you can use with your colleagues. Sign up for one of our workshops and experience it first-hand.

Here's our next workshop:

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Kinect Education Drive-Ins

Invite Kinect Education Group to your institution and you'll discover a whole new approach to interactive and transformational training. We will specially design a training experience. Here are some of our most requested workshops:


Diversity 101: Kinect can help your employees understand the basics of intercultural relationships. Interactive training is key. Learn what to say, when to say it and how to say it to improve cross-communication with students, faculty, and staff and between employees. Participants will leave with a packet of information that will serve as an on-going resource guide for future use. Part of this training centers on issues that are specific to your organization.


Diagnosing the Underrepresented Student: Do you wonder what the magical formula is for helping underrepresented students succeed? Kinect will help you understand the nuances facing many of your diverse students. Using this knowledge, Kinect will show you how to develop a toolkit to improve student success. 


Campus Climate: Understanding and Managing Microaggressions: In the words of Dr. Alvi Poussaint: “Death by a thousand nicks,” describes the debilitating experience of people of color when experiencing subtle insults on a daily basis. Transfer that concept to the classroom experience and you have failure by a "thousand nicks.” The everyday experience of a student of color in higher education often involves withstanding conscious and unconscious biased behavior from other peers, faculty, and staff. Add this stress to the general pressure that all college students face and a sturdy façade can easily crumble. Learn about the common experiences of students of color related to micro and macro aggressions. Dig in as we go deeper to discuss proactive and reactive solutions that will enable success, foster understanding and build an inclusive living and learning environment.


Diversity Crisis Management: You can’t anticipate with one single event will tip the scales for your diverse community. Students, faculty and staff experience the environment from many different perspectives. It’s critical for leaders to understand the best way to foster open communication, respond appropriately to festering issues and bring together a community that holds various values.


Making Diversity Recruitment Happen: The numbers don’t lie. Enrollment of diverse students in elementary and middle schools across the country tell us that higher education must understand how to appeal to a diverse student constituency. Kinect will help you learn how to appeal to prospective, diverse students and more importantly, how to yield results.


Diversity Leadership: Are your cultural groups struggling or yearning to know more about how to be a leading force on campus? Kinect can provide specialized leadership retreats for diverse student groups. Student leaders will learn more about how to harness their cultural power, how to move from ancillary to mainstream and what it means to be a change agent on campus.


Utilizing Internal Data: The best tool you have to move the dial in your institution is the data you gather every day. Kinect will walk you through the intricacies of identifying critical data points that will shed light on improving retention and success of diverse students.


Diversity Bridge: If your institution is interested in developing a bridge program to meet the needs of at-risk students who don’t meet regular admission criterion, Kinect is your answer. Our consultants will help you create strategic initiatives to screen potential applicants, implement a summer bridge program, and provide academic success strategies for continued follow-up.


DiversiTEAM: Kinect helps multicultural teams CONNECT! Team building is key to building understanding and powerful work teams. Most participants will cringe at the idea of touchy-feely games, but this workshop will leave your employees eager to tackle a new project with unbridled zeal. You can even provide a specific project topic that will be used during the experience. This leaves you with instant results!


Diversity Strategic Planning: Kinect works with organizations to create diversity plans that will set the course for a productive future. This workshop will help managers consider the best ways to reach diverse students, recruit and retain a diverse workforce, and incorporate diversity into organizational mission and vision. The end result is a strategic plan that serves as a roadmap for success.


Hidden Messages: Marketing is the key to financial and organizational success. Kinect can help your organization realize the “hidden messages” that send signals of a multiculturally friendly organization. Marketing doesn’t just apply to external students and donors. You also need to know how to send the right messages to your employees and students that diversity is a priority. This workshop wraps all of this into one neat package.

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