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Start Seeing Color! Think Tank

The Start Seeing Color! Think Tank is an equity-minded, Virtual Online Conference for educators from across K12 and Higher Education!

One of the first of its' kind, this interdisciplinary think tank tackles current challenges in education from across the nation!

Join the conversation and share knowledge with other educators from across the nation!

“Students do not learn much just sitting in classes listening to teachers, memorizing prepackaged assignments, and spitting out answers. They must talk about what they are learning, write reflectively about it, relate it to past experiences, and apply it to their daily lives. They must make what they learn part of themselves.” - Arthur W. Chickering and Stephen C. Ehrmann

These are ever-changing and unprecedented times.

During the Start Seeing Color! Think Tank, together, with educators from around the nation, we will facilitate change-leadership and equity-oriented thinking from the comfort of wherever you are during this time!

  • Keynote presentations from leading voices in the field of education from around the nation!

  • Breakout sessions and virtual conversations circles using social medial platforms.

  • Live twitter chat to boost engagement during live and scheduled content releases. 

  • Discover how to leverage social media platforms to boost online multicultural student engagement.

  • Learn how to develop a recorded and LIVE video content strategy as a form

  • Common challenges instruction and online event planners face and strategies to overcome them!

Frequently Asked Questions!

How much does it cost to attend?

$25-$99! This is a completely equity-based Virtual Think Tank experience. Ticket prices are set to accommodate the budget of educators across the nation. Get access to presentations, special content and community conversation circles from the comfort of your home or wherever you are!


Who should attend Start Seeing Color! ?

Start Seeing Color believes that inclusion has to be intentional. Start Seeing Color is open to ALL! No matter how you identify, we can all learn from educators from across the nation and their lived experiences throughout these ever-changing times!

Why here, why now?

As educators, the opportunity is upon us to lead with innovation and integrity to ensure equity in access and opportunity during these unprecedented and ever-changing times. 

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."

Anne Frank


Interested in speaking at Start Seeing Color! Think Tank 2021?

Start Seeing Color! programming is highly selective and seeks to bring you the best in education from across the nation! Sessions include talks exclusive recorded messages and content, and interactive workshops.


Speaker submission deadline: April 16, 2021 (11:59 PM ET)

Important Details:

→ Kinect Ed will not provide any compensation or speaker fee honorariums. In exchange for speaking, you will have the opportunity to have the undivided attention of hundreds of eager and engaged educators from across the nation. 

→ Speakers selected for Start Seeing Color! 2021 will receive a complimentary speaker SWAG bag and the opportunity to include promotional materials in the Swag bags and virtual welcome kits for provided to all conference attendees! 


There will be no monetary exchange. 

If you interested in learning more about speaking opportunities, click the link below!

Universal Design in Online Conferencing!

Eliminating Bias with Blind Broadcasting!

Take a page from our book. The outward appearance of the person delivering the messing should not take away from the message itself. This practice has been used in Orchestras around the world to improve the positioning and ranking of women artists.  We also use this practice as a means to eliminate bias in the screening process for speaking opportunities. 

Every presenter has the option of requesting a blind broadcasting- this means that they can deliver their presentation using a thumbnail rather than an image or video of themselves. In this case, only identity information is shared via a profile during their presentation. 


Your Name Here

Your name matters. Share it as you please. Or not. The choice is yours!


Your Uniqueness Here

We believe everyone has unique contributions they bring as an educator! Present from your authentic and unique space!



Your Identity Here

Who you are. What lived experiences you have. Where you grew up. These are all relevant to your identity as an educator. Speak your truth- all of them!

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