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What kind of training does Kinect Education Group provide?

Kinect Education Group specializes in equity, inclusion, diversity, change and team development training. If you’re trying to build an inclusive organization that fosters team synergy and you’re interested in building the cultural competence of your group, Kinect Education Group is your training champion.


What kind of outcomes should we expect from a Kinect Education Group training session?

You can expect a transformative difference in the attitudes and behaviors of your organizational members. Kinect Education Group opens eyes and minds to what it takes to become more culturally competent and practice inclusion in everyday interactions.


What is the format for a Kinect Education Group training session?

The mainstay in every Kinect Education Group training session is active learning. Kinect experts design each training session to maximize self-reflection and prompt introspective learning. You won’t be watching the clock, during one of our training sessions.


How many people can attend a training session?

Kinect Education Group training experts have worked with groups as small as five and as large as 1500. Our experts have provided interactive keynote speeches for large conferences and meetings. We also lead strategic planning, in-depth bias training and other intensive training sessions that focus on individual and team development.


Does Kinect Education Group design individualized training for organizations?

Each of our training sessions is specifically tailored to the needs of the organization. Once you book us for a training session, our training leaders will conduct a needs assessment and meet with the organizational leader to determine the training goals. You’ll receive a full outline of the training session, in advance of the onsite instruction date.


What is the difference between general Kinect Education Group workshops and site-specific training experiences?

Kinect Education Group holds a variety of topic-specific workshops that are available across the country. If you’re interested in sending a few employees to one of these workshops, you can get a taste of the type of training that we do. Each of our scheduled, public workshops include training tools that can be implemented by the participants, once they return to their organization. Our site-specific training sessions are customized, based upon the needs of the organization.


What is the fee for a Kinect Education Group training team to visit our organization?

The training fee is based upon the training topic, length, travel distance, and organization type. We use an equity lens when determining the fee structure.


After booking a training session, what happens next?

After you book your training session, we will set up a meeting with you to learn more about your needs. This in-depth dialogue will help us understand more about your organization and what you’re hoping to gain from the training. 


How much lead time is needed to book a training session?

We have a large training team with experts from across the United States. We can generally handle most requests, but prefer 30 days, prior to the training.