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Educators are given the unique challenge of providing a bias-free teaching and learning experience, but the reality is, we each uniquely possess bias. The solution is learning to unravel our bias.


Unraveling Bias is more than a training, it's an immersive, transformative learning experience.

What is Unraveling Bias?

  • A Progressive Case Study Approach that allows educators to proactively, identify the different layers of bias and bias incidents.

  • A set of unique strategies to identify different perspectives of bias incidents in K-12 education, and identify solutions to reclaim the educational experience. 

  • A pledge to reclaim your commitment as an educator, to do your part every single day to make it known that your classroom and your school is committed to Inclusion.

  • Build capacity to identify the unique ways we often rationalize bias in different ways and respond based on our own implicit biases that we possess. 

  • Learn how to manage bias and ensure equity in K-12 learning environments, online spaces, and co-curricular activities.  

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Download a pdf flyer to share with other educators and administrators who are interested in learning more about this unique training experience.


The PDF includes a sample agenda and a sample case study.

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Download a justification letter to share more information with your supervisor or administrator in support of your attendance.


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