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About The Podcast

What's Shakin? Join us for our interactive and informative discussion on the latest topics in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Salt-N-Pepper is your weekly dash of inclusion in education.

Join us for a weekly podcast produced by Kinect Education Group in partnership with TEN (The Equity Network).

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This podcast is run by Kinect founders Dr. Kelly Meier and Briana Williamson (ABD).

Salt-N-Pepper features educators, administrators and inclusion innovators from across the nation, who are taking charge and creating change in their schools and communities. This podcast covers a wide range of DEI and related topics from across sectors including K12, Higher Education and Public and Not for Profit Institutions.

If you are looking to explore a wide variety of topics discussed by teachers from different backgrounds and grade levels, then this is the podcast to follow.


Unsure of where to start?


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What's Shakin' in Education? 

Flashpoint Focus Cover trending stories, highlights, campus and community flash points from current issues of stereotypes, bias incidents and hate crimes,

What the Meme features related memes, graphics or clips that reflect bias incidents in the media.


Equity Check! What's NEW? Celebrating Equity champions and inclusive transformation!

Let's Shake It Up Emerging Leader Panel is a segment in which Kinect presenters and a panel of educators, practitioners and administrators from across the nation discuss news items and current issues ranging from campus climate to social justice!

Courageous Leadership: WWYD After the Podcast? Answering real world questions about what's shaking in Diversity Equity and Inclusion!


Salt-N-Pepper is recorded weekly during out Tuesday Talks! Want to join us live? Register below. 

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