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Teach Inclusion is an inclusive resource that gives you tangible lessons for 6-12 graders. Split into two sections, you'll find eight full lessons for 6-8 graders and  eight for  9-12 grade students. Each lesson tells you the learning outcomes, supplies needed, worksheets, and full facilitation instructions. We even give you the words to use to introduce the activity and provide directions to your students. In between each activity, you'll find a ready made poster with a quote, fact, or message that you can post for students and staff. Use this resource to provide a full year of monthly lessons about how students can become "Includers" and what it takes to create an inclusive learning environment.


But wait! It's not just about the students. The DEI Staff Education section includes pre-written email lessons for staff about:

Exploring Culture

Exploring Microaggressions,

Exploring Bias

Diversity Awareness

Exploring Gender & Sexuality


At the back of the book, we have included terms related to bias, equity and inclusion. Consider this section a bonus resource that you can refer to, when you're interested in learning more about common terms.

Teach Inclusion Workbook

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