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Consider this training deck a mirror that students can hold up to shed light on strengths, growth opportunities, self-esteem, and a hunger for self-improvement. Facilitate this deck as a partner sharing experience or use it as an individualized experience for dialogue or writing prompts. The self-awareness deck is a perfect tool to use before parent-teacher conferences or at mid-term in the semester, as a companion to sharing how students have changed, what challenges they have encountered, and what they hope to achieve in the future.


Each deck will challenge students to think about their role in creating a positive culture and provide a unique insight into who your students are and what makes their education meaningful for them! Thirty different questions will help you facilitate a large group discussion or use cards for small group and dyad training.


Complete with facilitation instructions, you'll make a difference as you build the cultural competency and awareness of your students.

Student SELF-AWARENESS skills for Everyday Success

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