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Painting with a Twist is a unique way to help your group gain cultural competency and understanding. In addition to an overview of the concept of culture, Painting with a Twist focuses on self-understanding and awareness. As you guide your group through the activity, use the resulting work of art as a signal of what comes next. Each individual painting is a reflection of individual gaps related to cultural awareness. They also tell you more about the training sessions that you can add into the mix, for the future. Facilitate this workshop virtually to provide fun and education for students, faculty and staff.


Available via digital download only! Each download is licensed for a single user and sharing will immediately deactivate the code for future downloads.


Painting with a Twist Includes:


Painting with a Twist Activity Guide and Supply List-Digital Download


The not so fine print:


Purchased includes authorization to print a single copy. May not be mass produced or mass printed/distributed within a single organization. Sharing of digital files is strictly prohibited and may impact your ability to purchase future products or is punishable by the extent of law. Not for sale or commercial use. Content protected by copyright. 

Painting with a Twist Cultural Competency Workshop

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