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Featuring 4 separate workshops in one deck of cards, this training tool gives you all that you need to tackle equity and build an inclusive environment and the process of change. Deal cards to dyads or small groups and watch introspection and awareness happen before your eyes. The Diversity Training Deck includes facilitator cards so that all the guess work of managing a training session is gone. You can literally grab and go with this tool and be recognized as a diversity training leader by your organization. For example: Jackson, a senior unexpectedly receives a boot on his vehicle for parking in a handicap stall that causes him to arrive 25 minutes late to the final exam. Naomi, a fellow classmate gets into a small car accident in route to the exam and too arrives late. In the end Naomi is allowed to reschedule her exam for another day, and Jackson though he is allowed to take the final, is required to finish within the remaining time allowed.Is this equity or equality? Is this decision fair? Why or why not?

Org Change Training Deck - Equity

$75.00 Regular Price
$52.50Sale Price