Transform Your Greek System

There’s no question about the importance of getting college students involved on campus. George Kuh talks about how an involved student is more likely to make it across the finish line. Sororities and fraternities are an excellent example of a student affinity group that provides support for members, community engagement, and a reason to stick around campus. We also know that the rich tradition and history of Greek organizations make inclusivity a challenge. Unfortunately, a racist chant or a social media post by a Greek group can set the tone for an entire system. Similarly, students often gravitate to people that they feel are most like them and this perpetuates sameness. It’s incumbent upon Greek advisors to provide diversity and multicultural awareness education. Students seek independence and self-awareness experiences when they come to college. Yes - who they are is rooted in their family upbringing, but who they want to become is a journey that can be impacted. Never underestimate the power of providing insightful and self-awareness based educational experiences. It begins with leadership. IFC and PHC leaders are representatives of the Greek system. Bring those leaders together, along with Chapter presidents and help them begin a realization journey. The decision to become a multiculturalist is in their hands, but the decision to provide multicultural insight is in the hands of the Greek and Chapter advisors. We don’t believe that one training will do the trick. Instead, it must be woven into the fabric of every day interactions. Our new training tool, “Greek Life Inclusion Deck” is a great place to start. You can use this dialogue deck to begin the conversation about what it means to be Greek and to be inclusive to all. The changing demographics of our society necessitates a change in how Greek chapters open their hearts and doors to diverse members. Start today with our training tools and craft a plan that will ensure a robust future of your Greek system.

Help your Greek System becoming Inclusive!

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