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Kinect brings a deep understanding of the cultural and system issues that deter the success of low-income and diverse students. Digging deeper into familial issues and cultural values is at the heart of being diversity champions. Kinect applies this knowledge to systemic change and this makes a tangible difference in expected outcomes.


Research and knowledge are powerful catalysts for change, only if they are paired with tangible action steps. Kinect provides substantive strategies for moving the dial on the success of diverse and low-income students in higher education.


Kinect consultants have real-world experience in educational institutions and systems. Serving as experts for more than 80 educational institutions, they bring the added advantage of understanding the political, structural, symbolic and human resource side of transformative change.

Data Informed

Kinect views data as a microscope that uncovers hidden barriers to student success. Institutional practices and policies are ripe for change. Kinect transforms educational environments into equity-minded educational centers that propel diverse and low-income students across the finish line.

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