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Our Unique Approach

Kinect provides innovative consultraining to help educational institutions improve the diverse and inclusive learning environment. If your campus or school is experiencing racial tension, discord between student groups or microaggression issues, let us help you facilitate solutions. We have the expertise that can build a new level of awareness and insight for your students, educators, and staff. 


Contact us to get started. After an extensive dialogue about your needs and concerns, we will create a prescription to help you move forward as an inclusive campus. Our team is experienced in cultural communication, understanding student concerns and balancing that with the administrative responsibilities of running a college campus. We will leave you with a detailed plan of action and a message that will speak volumes to your campus constituents and external audience. 


Diversity work takes time, but one incident can set you back as a campus community. Kinect can help you embrace diversity and connect your community in a positive and uplifting way.


The growing global society of our country demands educational institutions that can meet the needs of a diverse student body. Use Kinect to help your educators, staff, and students learn more about cultural understanding, improve inner team dynamics, recruit diverse employees and realize student success. Kinect consultants have wide backgrounds that are grounded in multicultural excellence. Expand access and opportunity for your institution by involving Kinect in your next training development program. We have specialists in cultural groups including Africa American, Asian American, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian, LGBT, Women and more.

Diversity and Equity Planning Process

If you're interested in creating a diversity and equity plan for your institution, you can count on Kinect to make the process seamless. It all starts with an equity review using our Equity Rubric. We'll help you assess where you are and guide you in the planning process to be where you want to be. Writing a Diversity and Equity Plan requires independent input from constituent groups that span the organization. You want a plan that is attainable, but you need a plan that will meet the needs of your organization. Contact us and we can help you navigate the process with ease.

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