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School Board Leadership Training

KINECT ED is known across the country for providing transformative education for school board leaders. 

The term “Equity-Mindedness” refers to the perspective or mode of thinking exhibited by practitioners who call attention to patterns of inequity in student outcomes (CUE, 2017).


  • Together, with other School Board Leaders from across the state, we will explore:

  • Definitions and common language of equity-minded leadership.

  • The impact of equity minded leadership vs deficit minded leadership

  • An in-depth understanding of equity-minded leadership styles

  • Strategic planning and visioning through an equity lens

Check out our complete list of workshops available on out "Upcoming Trainings" page. Workshops are offered in a virtual format to increase accessibility for all.

Customized Training for
School Board Leaders

Kinect Ed works with school board teams from across the country to provide customized training. Tap our team to help you conduct Equity Audits, review district policies, dig deeper into district data, and learn more about the power of courageous leadership from school board members working on diversity,

equity and inclusion.

Business Meeting

State-Wide School Board Association Training

Kinect Ed works with state-side school board associations to bring a broader awareness to DEI concepts that can make a dynamic difference in building Diversity Champions for school board leaders. Contact us to learn more about:

•Conference Presentations

•State-Wide School Board Training

•Keynote Speeches

•Equity Certification for State-Wide Associations

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