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We Help Organizations with Transformative DEI Culture Shift

Women & Minority owned, Kinect Ed has a successful track record working with organizations and systems to improve equitable outcomes. Kinect Ed works alongside educators, administrators and senior leaders from across the nation to evaluate policies, practices and procedures that impede an organization's ability to create welcome and inclusive environments. Check out our menu of workshops, browse through our DEI training tools or talk to us about your customized training needs.



We believe that organizational leaders need specialized training tools to spark cultural the competency of staff and employees. Our experts are constantly working on new training decks, games and books that will help DEI leaders make a measurable difference in inclusion. Our "train-the-trainers" model means that our work has perpetuity. We know that we will build a more inclusive Nation if we are all armed with the right resources. Check out our SHOP page to learn more about the resources that you can attain to build Diversity Champions in your organization.

Training & Education

Kinect Ed offers a regular menu of DEI workshops, but we also are busy providing customized training for organizations across the country. Tap us to help you with an Equity Audit, specialized in-service training, a conference presentation, keynote speech or Kinect with us about becoming Equity Certified. We have specialists that work with K12, HIED, Non-Profit and Corporate Organizations. Our focus is to build relationships with our clients and meet them where they are.

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