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Your Success Begins with Us

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Our unique approach focuses on our institutions most critical needs and opportunities in achieving equity and inclusion.

Through an equity lens to strategic planning, marketing, advanced analytics and transformative visioning, we work alongside organizations to deep dive, take action and achieve equity!

Research and Development

Kinect Education recognizes the importance of uncovering data points, trends and issues that impact how equity work can make a difference. Our Equity partners work in teams to conduct research and provide informational reports that make a difference.


Continually evolving, we are also committed to creating cutting edge strategies to help organizations meet and embrace equity standards. You’ll see this fresh approach in our Consultraining, training tools and products and innovative solutions to individualized problems.


Development &

Capacity Building

Creating student ready institutions that are safe and welcoming for students, requires frequent and up to date access to professional development and capacity building tools.

Professional development training has been proven to have a direct impact on practice and practitioners to improve student success and reduce disparities.

What Our Clients Say

Equity Specialist

K-12 Public

"After attending the certification with my colleagues, we felt a sense of 

renewed energy for doing this work. We learned so many new tools, 

strategies and activities that we were 

able to take back to our school to 

create positive change around equity"

Student Activities Coordinator

Higher Ed Public

"The biggest takeaway for me, was the extensive program workbook that featured many different 

tools and activities that I had never 

seen before. I have already used them 

at my school and the tools helped me 

to obtain a position doing equity work 

for my institution."

Human Resource Manager

Corporate Client

We initially contacted Kinect for help training our front line employees. Our customer base is increasingly diverse and while our company values diversity, we needed assistance training our staff. Kinect met with us to determine our needs and we quickly saw that we were just looking at the surface of the situation.


I can’t say how impressed we were with the outcome of our interaction with Kinect. They helped us with our training needs, but moreover, they crafted a plan to help our senior managers infuse diversity into our long-range goals, onboarding, recruiting and retention of employees. Our company has been transformed from our contract with Kinect.

Things Happen.

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